Hello all!

This is my first of many entries. Let me use this blog to introduce myself to the world of blogging…

My name is Jeff Hand. I am a 30-year-old health and fitness professional from Dallas, TX. I was born in Plano, TX in 1985 and grew up in The Colony, TX where I graduated from highschool in 2003.

Growing up I lived in a typical, middle-american household with my Dad,Mom and younger sister. I played baseball and football up through middle school; no high school sports. I’ve always held a high interest in video games; so I spent a lot of time in my adolescence sitting.

My Dad was always gone with work so my mother had the task of providing meals for my sister and I. Needless to say we were raised up on Kid cuisines (TV dinners of the 90s baby) and quickly prepared meals that usually lacked proper nutrients. My mother did what she could for us.

Into my highschool education my mother never really pushed hard for physical activity or structured meal planning= I played a lot of video games and ate pretty much what I wanted for my meals (which really came down to cereal…I was a cereal killer…no joke, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if I could!)

After a childhood of neglecting consistent physical activity and proper eating habits, I found myself overweight and lacking self-confidence. Even at this point I still didn’t have motivation nor take action to change my situation.

It wasn’t until halfway through my junior year in highschool, my best friend at the time told me he really wanted to lose weight. (Side note: I was about 40lbs overweight at the time he was about 100lbs overweight). He asked me if I would start running with him in the morning before school. I said sure.

So each morning for the rest of that year and the next, I would drive about 4 miles to his house at 6am and we would run. We started slow with a mile run and then over the next couple of months we had worked up to 2-3 miles each morning.

We stayed very consistent; our motivations were high=we were losing weight, we were getting results.

12 years later, I have not gained a lb of fat back. This life experience was the beginning journey of what ultimately forged my deep passion and understanding for health and fitness and my willingness to help motivate and coach others to their own personal fitness successes.

In the times to come, I aspire to provide my thoughts and opinions on all things health and wellness, in hopes of educating and motivating others. 



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