Okay, well of course some of it is the program. What I’m talking about is what I feel is one of the biggest drivers of gym adaptations and thus results which in return equals motivation: Consistency over time

Look at anyone whose achieved success an any area of health and fitness and has managed to sustained those results will tell you:

  • Firstly, you have to keep at it (CONSISTENCY), and you have to keep at it for awhile! You must  set a REAL schedule and plan that is based around some solid-realistic goals, and stick to it. Take for example, If you’re not morning person, don’t decide to beast mode 5am workouts M-F…It wont last. The best workout that an individual can do for themselves is one they will actually do. My Advice: If you’re new to working out, or haven’t exercised regularly in over 6+months; take it slow with 3 days of exercising at a moderate intensity for 30-45 minutes. Ideally looking to progress to 4 to 5 times a week within the first couple months of a new routine. The key is to log/complete/track each workout you do. If you find your self having trouble holding yourself accountable to your workouts and progresses in the gym, this is a where a knowledgeable health and fitness professional can take all the programming and guess work out of the equation and provide you with the proper tools and knowledge so you to can create your own effective workouts.
  • Secondly, TIME. I know from both personal experiences and observations that newbies and veteran lifters/exercises alike get frustrated with lack of results; especially the aesthetically based goals. Keep in mind that the body is an extremely efficient and complex organism which functions interdependently with many bodily systems. Your body is an amazing adapter! Once the body has been given a sufficient amount of stress consistently for a constant set of time , adaptations WILL occur!
    • Ease up!! Give yourself around 4-6 weeks of a consistent program to really judge how it’s working out for you. This is were assessing and tracking become cornerstones for any successful program

Pick something, something small, something is always better than nothing. Pick a few days a week, set a time and exercise. Stick with it long enough and reap all the amazing benefits that exercising can provide for oneself.

Happy Lifting!


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