In a two part series, I wanted to briefly touch on what warming up and cooling down are all about. Without getting into too many specifics and generating walls and walls of texts, I complied some quick information as to WHY the aforementioned techniques should be implemented in any regular workout routine and also offered a couple examples to get you off in the right direction, enjoy!

Scientific Rationale and Exercise Selection for Warming up

Preparing the body for physical activity (5-10 minutes prior to engaging in a planned physical activity)

  1. Increases heart and respiratory rates
    1. Increases the cardiorespiratory system’s capacity to perform work (ability to workout for longer durations = more calories and potential fat burned)
    2. Increases blood flow to active muscle tissues (more muscles being activate = more calories burned)
    3. Increases the oxygen exchange capacity (perform endurance exercises longer without fatigue)
  2. Increases tissue temperature
    1. Increase rate of muscle contractions (power/strength/muscular gains)
    2. Increases efficiency of opposing muscle contraction & relaxation (proper joint movements = reduced risk of injury)
    3. Increases metabolic rate (burn more calories per workout)
    4. Increases soft tissue extensibility (proper joint movements = reduced risk of injury)

Types of Warm ups:

  • Soft Tissue work with Foam Rolling
    1. Helps to promote blood circulation of the tissues being foam rolled
    2. When held long enough (at least 20seconds) on “pain or trigger points” it can aid in the extensibility of the muscle tissues being foam rolled
  • Cardio and Dynamic Movements
    1. When performing cardio before strength training:
      1. Keep the time to under 10 minutes to preserve muscle energy for the lifting
      2. Keep the intensity around 6-7 on a scale of 1-10 or 65-75% max HR to preserve energy stores for lifting
    2. Dynamic Movements
      1. Lunge Patterns
      2. Toe Kicks
      3. Squat patterns
      4. Hip Hinges
      5. Pushing/Pulling
      6. Torso Rotations
      7. Joint articulations/rotations

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