You’ve made it to the weekend. You’ve put 5 good workouts in this week; despite work, kids and life. You’ve been overstretched a little, or maybe a lot. with your responsibilities and you are ready to unwind for the weekend.

Just remember that fitness and living a healthy lifestyle that gets you to your goals does NOT stop at the gym or Friday.

There’s a 168 hours in a week; you committed 5 or so this week to fitness and burning calories. Just make sure that what you do OUTSIDE of the gym is reflecting the goals you’re looking to achieving INSIDE the gym!

It’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself. Just do so in MODERATION. Find that balance in your life between hard work, and “letting go” <- frozen style.

Keep up the hard work and stay focused. Ask yourselves:

Why am I going to the gym?
Why do I invest the time, money and energy to get to a gym 5 days a week?
Why are these “goals” I have (hopefully written down somewhere in clear sight so you can see it each day) important to me?

Ask yourselves these questions and let it be a barometer in the decisions you make this weekend and I PROMISE you, come Monday morning, whether it’s Chest or Leg day for you, you’ll be feeling and looking much better because of it!

Key take away: At the end of the day, the choices you made towards nutrition and physical activity either:
A) Moved you closer to your goals
B) Moved you further from your goals


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