Face everything and RESPOND

Most of us develop habits by REACTING without knowing what is causing us to react. React enough times to a stimuli (sight, smell, sound, thought, etc.) this physical response will become unconscious and that’s what we call a HABIT.

Habits can be formed in as little as 3 consecutive days/times of the repeated CUE-URGE-ACTION-REWARD cycle.

For instance, every time you do “x”…”y” happens. It’s called the Cue/Urge/Habit/Reward cycle.

Your brain is wired to pursue things it sees as a rewarding event (dopamine and the opioid centers of your brain). So if after every stressful day at work you hit a pint of Blue Bell..over time the stress required for this habit becomes less and less. This leads to weight, eating, and many other issues.

To reverse these habits (food, drinking, drugs, etc.), you must first be AWARE of your triggers and your thoughts & emotions around those events and occurrences.

It takes a habit to break a habit (and I am not talking about replacing one addiction with another!)

First you have to develop a competing thought:
“Instead of, I AM SOO stressed I need my Ice cream.”
“I am SOO stressed I need to go blow off some steam by going for a walk around the block.”

This emotional learning overtime, will then lead to a competing behavior over time, and now you have broken your habit.

You can apply this strategy to any are of your live where you have an unwanted habit that you cant seem to break.

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