Training For Warriors is different than traditional fitness programs.

While most programs seem to be created for losing some quick weight, the promise of bigger arms or a scam to part someone with his or her money, TFW instead was created as a fitness
and lifestyle guide to help people find their way.

This system is a combination of fitness and philosophy designed around the tagline, “Bring Out The Warrior Within.”

This tagline is to represent the fact that every person has untapped greatness inside of
them. Not only does TFW use physical training and motivation to help both the trainer
and student figure out their purpose and talents, but it pushes them to then learn to
express these gifts ultimately in ways for service for others. By increasing the physical strength and mental fortitude of the student, they are in a much better position to be a more productive member of society.

If a student doesn’t yet know his or her talent or gift, TFW will use physical and mental training to help them find them. The physical and mental training of TFW, therefore, requires both external and internal work to be done. Both of these are lead by the TFW Coach.

The external work will encompass the energy used to learn, perform and pass through challenges during the physical aspects of class. The internal work will encompass the energy required to question, assess and decide on the mental strategies that need to be adapted or let go.


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