Face everything and RESPOND

Most of us develop habits by REACTING without knowing what is causing us to react. React enough times to a stimuli (sight, smell, sound, thought, etc.) this physical response will become unconscious and that’s what we call a HABIT.

Habits can be formed in as little as 3 consecutive days/times of the repeated CUE-URGE-ACTION-REWARD cycle.

For instance, every time you do “x”…”y” happens. It’s called the Cue/Urge/Habit/Reward cycle.

Your brain is wired to pursue things it sees as a rewarding event (dopamine and the opioid centers of your brain). So if after every stressful day at work you hit a pint of Blue Bell..over time the stress required for this habit becomes less and less. This leads to weight, eating, and many other issues.

To reverse these habits (food, drinking, drugs, etc.), you must first be AWARE of your triggers and your thoughts & emotions around those events and occurrences.

It takes a habit to break a habit (and I am not talking about replacing one addiction with another!)

First you have to develop a competing thought:
“Instead of, I AM SOO stressed I need my Ice cream.”
“I am SOO stressed I need to go blow off some steam by going for a walk around the block.”

This emotional learning overtime, will then lead to a competing behavior over time, and now you have broken your habit.

You can apply this strategy to any are of your live where you have an unwanted habit that you cant seem to break.

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

In this world there are two common mindsets that most of us fall into: fixed or growth. One will keep you right where you are in life, and the other allows you to achieve whatever levels of success you ever so desire.

The question now is to figure out which mindset you align with, and how to start making steps in the right direction.

Let me start this off with a quote from former U.S. President  Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or you can’t your right.”

Now, lets define what each mindset means and entails:

FIXED MINDSET: This is someone who looks in the mirror and says, “This is my body, this is my life, and I have to live with it”. They fear change, they don’t believe that can accomplish certain things, they just take the cards that the universe has “dealt” them. These individuals don’t set goals, they blame all of life’s problems on everything and everyone else, other than themselves. Think of someone who works a job they hate, just to earn money to spend on the weekends, rinse, repeat. This person is not grateful, usually bitter,  and unhappy.

GROWTH MINDSET: This is someone who looks in the mirror and regardless of where they are at in life’s journey or a fitness journey they say, “I have tons of potential, I can achieve anything I believe I can do, nothing will get in my way, I create my own destiny, who am I today and where I go tomorrow is a summation of all of my life’s decisions, and all up to me.” This person doesn’t accept anything in life until it’s what they desire and are going after. This person doesn’t fear change, they are courageous and seek change and obstacles because they know each obstacle they overcome whether in life, or training, they become stronger and build character-which moves them to the next stage in their journey. This person sets ambitious goals, holds themselves accountable and lives a life of happiness and freedom because of this. Think of someone with great levels of success, who is humble, caring and happy.

The great thing? IT’S FREE, the mindset you choose is FREE and up to you. Now, it’s okay if you are a person of a fixed mindset, because I believe most of us grow up that way due to one reason or another, and I am of no exception.

The solution? You have to starting viewing life as a play or movie, and you write the script. YOU! So if your unhappy at work, if your unhappy and unsatisfied with parts of your life, start ACTING how or who you would like to become.For example, if you are just unhappy in general: Smile more, or do something small each day you enjoy, like reading a funny article, watching some YouTube clips to laugh, go for a walk after dinner, etc.. It’s about making small steps to the growth mindset. Focus on a small area of your life you would like to change, and start viewing in the since of “I have 100% control over this, and it’s all about how I view it.”  Once, you make one change, you will gain momentum and confidence to make more positive changes.

Remember: SMALL STEPS! Focus on ONE habit or area of your life at a time. Small hinges, swing the big doors. A little on top of a little after while = A WHOLE LOT! 

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